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We enable you to Optimise Solar energy to the fullest

We provide end to end solutions in solar energy. We provide consultancy, design, procurement, installation and commissioning of solar modules, Inverters. We ensure that solar energy is optimised and maximum power is delivered. Our experience and expertise of manufacturing UPS, insights into power efficiency and passion for power quality enables us to give the best possible solution in tapping this unlimited renewable energy.

We provide the following Solar Solutions;

We are one of the major manufacturers and exporters of Solar Inverter in the market. Fabricated using optimum quality raw materials, these efficiently convert solar energy into electrical energy. An effective substitute in power crisis situation, the Solar Inverters we offer are durable and would work efficiently for a long time. Available in a wide range we also provide customization for the same.

Grid tied Inverter: If the facility for grid evacuation is provided then this is the best and efficient option, batteries are not required as all power generated is fed into the grid. The power losses are minimum and efficiency of 98% can be maintained. If power is required for emergency usage batteries can be installed for storing energy to be used when required.

Off grid Inverter: This type of Inverter requires an efficient Solar Charger with maximum peak power tracking, the efficiency of the inverter is very critical, Transformer-less inverter with boost converter are more efficient as they are switched at higher frequency and iron core losses of transformer is averted. It is possible to achieve an efficiency of 90% with a fairly good designed Inverter.

For the complete range of Solar Lighting System, just avail our highly affordable services. Our solar light systems is an ideal lighting system for the illumination of streets, squares and cross roads located in areas that are not connected to the power grid. This fully integrated system combines the latest and most innovative technologies available providing years of convenient and trouble free lighting.

Solar Street Light: We provide solar lights with LED and MPPT solar charger. Available from 12 w to 60 w. The design is robust, reliable and efficient.

Solar Emergency lighting: We also design and install a reliable and efficient LED emergency lighting Systems for Homes, hotels and industries.