Active Power Factor Controller

Reliability and efficiency are assessed as being important to business operation. This include reliable operation of critical machines, manufacturing systems, and office equipment. To ensure this we have ensure the power quality are of standards set by IEEE519.

Absence of quality power results in:
  • Distribution lines and networks cannot be fully utilized
  • High percentage of energy losses in power lines
  • Increased wear and tear and limited system availability
  • Downtime of equipment and systems

Our experience of manufacturing UPS and other Power electronics gives us the advantage of understanding and analyzing Power quality power better. We provide the most cost effective solutions on power quality thereby enhancing productivity of industries that require power of the highest quality. We also ensure offer solutions that ensures industry maintain power quality and maintain standards set by the providers of power to industries.

Harmonics have a serious impact: Harmonics reduce system efficiency and waste precious energy ,harmonic currents overload and heat electric installation, distributions transformer, breakers, fuses conductors etc. Harmonics overload capacitor banks in VAR compensation network and cause malfunctions in electronic controls, disturbance in sensitive medical devices, or crashes in communication networks.

How does it work: The harmonic inductors in series with capacitors provide a low impedence path for the rectifier, thus significantly reducing the amount of harmonics flowing through the electric distribution system. As a result , the non linear load virtually draws a sinesuoidol current from the grid. The harmonic current distortion THD is reduced to well below 8% in any load condition thus complying with the toughest total demand distortion.TDD levels stipulated IEEE519.


  • We analyze the actual power consumed, and its pattern of usage.
  • We also study the quality of power that is consumed.
  • We conduct the study of equipments that cause poor power quality.
  • Conduct studies and identify areas where efficiency can be improved.
  • Based on the analysis we provide ideal solutions to improve efficiency and power quality.

We provide our clients Harmonic Filters, which are designed to absorb current and voltage deformation. These energy saving harmonic filters increases the reliability and service life of electric installations,help utilize electric system capacity better,and are the key to meet power quality standards such as IEEE519.

Active harmonic compensation: As the latest generation of active harmonic filters offers numerous additional advantages,compared to traditional techno;ogy,faster smaller and much better performance.

Active harmonic filter offer the following benefits:

  • Ultra fast: Active responds to disturbances inless than 300micro seconds and eliminates them befor they can cause damage.
  • Super Compact: These are compact, small and easy to install.
  • Optimised for maintenance: Thanks to the design and being modular they are easy for maintenance and can be removed or fitted in 15 minutes.
  • Adaptive: Active compensates for individual disturbance patterns in a targeted manner and automatically adapts to changing network topologies.

Standards for Power Quality:

EN 61000-2-2, EN 61000-2-4, EN61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-12, EN 61000-3-3 as well as EN 50160, TOR D2, IEEE 519-1992, G5/4 and We bring forth for our clients Automatic Power Factor Controllers, which are available up to 1000 KVAR and ensure high speed switching of capacitor banks for high oscillatory loads such as motor loads, welding, and wind mills. Provided with built-in intelligent controller D.A.CH.CZ.

Customer Service

We are an organization of 3 decades, and having served several thousand customers we are aware the importance of customer satisfaction. Be it corporates or individuals we serve them with same spirit of dedication and involvement. In fact our activity starts with and ends with customers. We are absolutely customer focused and our activities revolve around the customers.

Power Quality Consultancy - Study & Analysis

Why Us?

We are successfully fulfilling diverse requirements of our clients due to our wide range of electrical and electronic products. Reasons that have made us the preferred choice of our clients are as follows:

  • Customized solutions
  • Focus on energy saving
  • Product integrity
  • Continuous product service support
  • Experience and expertise in power electronics
  • In depth Knowledge in EMI and EMC

Our Specialised Services

  1. Power Quality analysis and solutions Like designingality and installation of Harmonic filters active and passive to meet international standards of power Quality.
  2. Lighting Consultancy and design.
  3. Third party testing of UPS , Stabilsers and other Power supplies.
  4. Maintenance, repairs and AMC of Servo stabilizers, UPS and Inverters.

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