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LED Lighting Design and Consultancy

Our experience and expertise in power electronics, our association with some leading European manufacturers, our high end simulated software enables to provide efficient, reliable, appropriate, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, intelligent and sustainable lighting solutions. We believe beauty can be created with light and light should compliment space. We believe that quality lighting design is a process of communicating the value of visual performance, architectural appeal, energy efficiency and safety.

Lighting is such a subtle design tool. Good use of lighting will bring to life the most mundane design schemes. Put together with a great interior and you've got the perfect partnership. Picking a fantastic light fitting is just one element of the job. Where you place it, how it operates and the effect it has on its surrounding area is twice as important. Unlike a fashion designer, a good interior designer layers the lighting in a room.

The four basic principles of lighting are:
  • General Lighting
  • Accent or Feature Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting

It is the combination and layering of these four principles within a space that provides the key to successful lighting design.

Lighting at work offers a detailed look at how lighting can be employed within home or a building and covers background lighting, accent lighting, concealed lighting, task lighting, decorative lighting, and layering combination of these within the lighting scheme.

Our scope of work would be using light to good effect

WAVEFORMS Lighting designers develops lighting solutions in close cooperation with the customer. Based on many years of such project experiences, we have developed a very efficient method for designing and planning professional lighting.

Working hand-in-hand with architects and shop stylists, WAVEFORMS works out the best possible lighting design for the premises and ensures a fast and sure implementation of the design. Since we always use the current, industry standard software, the teamwork with our existing suppliers, our customers and our own partners always runs smoothly.

For lighting design projects, WAVEFORMS not only offers design, planning and calculation services, but also support in the implementation - through to shop fitting, on-site installation service and project maintenance. Together with our clients, on request we also realise marketing concepts that are focussed on the subject of lighting.

For us the factors of professional lighting design includes;
  • Lighting Level
  • Luminance Distribution
  • Glare Limitation
  • Direction of Light and Shadow Effect
  • Colour Temperature and Color Rendition.
  • Enhance Space
  • Define Features
  • Create Contrast
  • Setting Mood


  • Conceptualize design based on customers requirement.
  • Conceptualize design
  • Virtual designing using 3d design software for simulating actual light conditions.
  • Conceptualize design
  • The design objective would be to achieve cost and code compliance by using our knowledge, skills, experience and expertise, to guide each project, from early concept through construction to occupancy with the strategic benefit of lighting to the forefront.
  • us to provide the most functional, durable, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable lighting solutions.
  • We assess the various types of light sources amd fittings available and recommend the best options for specific uses. It also includes information on the latest technologies for dimmers, digital lighting and smart controls.
  • Making out the specification for Lighting, cost and description of fixtures, and choosing appropriate suppliers.
  • Coordinating with architects, electrical engineers and technicians. Supervising the installation of Lighting systems.
  • Final inspection and correction if required.